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Chanel - in Memorium

date of birth: 07.04.1996

Chanel descends from the
dam line of Alferate.

The licensed stallions Dean Martin by Donnerhall, Garibaldi I and II by Grande, Brentano I and II by Bolero and Wolkenstein I - III descend from this dam line. 

Her sire Certus competed
successfully up to advanced level.

Certus descends from Ninette, the
dam of Donnerhall. He is very talanted for both diciplines, dressage and jumping.

Chanels son Ferruccio by Fabriano, born 2001, was licensed in Verden and is a successful show jumpimg horse up to advanced level.

Chanels filly Brown Sugar by Brentano II, born 2003, is a state premium mare.

Brown sugar gave birth to a stallion by Florencio.This stallion was licensed in Verden 2009.

Her filly Flavia by Fabriano, born 2005, is successful in jumping horse ability classes.

CarprilliCalypso I  
Certus      Zuchtbuch
NoblessePik Bube
Chanel      Ninette
Wittelsbach     Wiesenbaum XX  
Wunderkind        St.Pr. Elfe
MajanettaMiracolo XX

St.Pr. Distelblüte

date of birth: 10.05.1998

The sire Dream of Glory competed successful at advanced level.

Distelblüte is a state premium mare. At the mare show in Königslutter she was awarded with an Ia-price in 2001 and 2003.

She was member of the best mare family in 2003 and 2010 at the mare show in Königslutter.

Her fullbrother Duvall got several victories and placements in Grand Prix de Dressage.

Distelblüte achieved a score of
7,89 at her mare performance test.

Her walk was scored with a 9, the test rider judged her rideability with a 10.

Obviously she gave her rideability to her offsprings:

her filly Wunschkind, born 2004, received the best dressage result at her mare performance test in Alsfeld.

Distelblütes son What a Dream by Weltmeyer, born 2002, was licensed in Verden.

He finished his stallion performance test with the second best result in the dressage score.

What a dream compete  successful up to advanced level.

Distelblüte's daughter World Lady by Worldly was sold at the Foal Auction 2005.

Her colt Frascati by Fürst Grandios (born 2009) was the best colt at the foal show in Königslutter

Dream of Glory      Ninette
Revue Girl II  Pik Bube
St.Pr.Distelblüte   Revue Girl
Walzertraum   Werther
Juliane      Julius Caesar XX   


date of birth: 24.03.1998

Her sire, State stud stallion Fabriano, was winner of his
stallion performance test and is receiving exceptional breeding evaluations for dressage and
show jumping disciplines.

Ferrera got an Ia-price at the mare show 2000 in Königslutter and was the best 2 year-old mare.

Ferreras filly Mohnblume by Münchhausen is a state premium candidate. She passed her mare performence test successful scored an 8.0 for her basic gaits and an 9.0 for her rideability.

Mohnblume is successful in dressage tests of medium level.

Ferreras filly Mabel by Münch-hausen, born 2003, was sold at the November-Auction in Verden.

She was one of the most sougth after horses of this Auction!

Ferreras son Campari by Cordoba, born 2004, was sold at the summer auction in Verden.

He is placed in elementary dressage horse ability tests with scores up to 8.0!

Ferreras daughter Chardonnay by Cordoba, born 2006, is awarded with an Ia-price at the mare show in Königslutter. Chardonnay is a state premium candidate.

Wendulan     Wendekreis     
Fabriano          Duellinde
Ferrera           Lantana
Deichvogt       Duktus
Minarett    Matador

Wienerin - in Memorium

date of birth: 29.04.1989

2008 we had to say goodbye

Wienerin got the valueable stallions Werther, Absatz and Valentino XX in her pedigree.

She got fantastic offspring and we miss her very much.

Her filly Distelblüte by Dream of Glory is a state premium mare (see above).

Wienerin and her two fillys Distelblüte and Dana by Dream of Glory was awarded with the Heinrich-Sperling-price for the best mare family at the show in Königslutter 2003.

Her son Duvall by Dream of Glory got several victories and placements in Grand Prix de Dressage.

Her son Winston Churchill, born 2002, sired by Worldly was sold at the 115th Elite-Auction in Verden.

Another son sired by Worldly, Winston, born 2003, was sold to the US at the May auction 2006.

2007 Winston and his owner achieved an excellent 4th place in the National Young-Horse Championsships for 4-year-olds,
which was helt at the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

2008 he won the regional championship at second level.

Her filly World Dream by Worldly, born 2004, was sold at the Foal auction 2004.

Walzertraum     Meisterkrone
WaldblumeWunsch II
Wienerin          Arnika
Julius Caesar XXTicino XX
JulianeIniga Isolani XX 
Stute v. Dornwall   Dornwall

Western Lady

date of birth: 27.05.1990

Her sire Werther was "Stallion of the year" 1992.

Her grandfather Gotthard is truly one of the greats. For seven years he was the leading sire of showjumpers in Germany.

Werther        Domgöttin
MeisterkroneMarcio XX
Western Lady      Dollarfackel     
Gotthard          Goldfisch II
Eski Eger


date of birth: 28.03.2004

Her sire Worldly is one
of the most captivating
He stresses his qualities with
the best dressage score at his performance test, by the award
"Best stallion born in 1997" and by show successes up to advanced level.

Wunschkind got the best dressage result at her mare performance test
in Alsfeld.

She scored an 8.0 for her walk and canter, a 7.5 for the trott and an 8.5 for her rideability.

WeltmeyerWorld Cup I     
Worldly            St.Pr. Anka
BoleisaBrentano II
Wunschkind      St.Pr. Leisa
Dream of Glory    Donnerhall
St.Pr. Distelblüte     Revue Girl II
Wienerin     Walzertraum